Experts from the ground up.

As the demand for wireless service increases, the need for tower construction and modifications is growing. But tower installation and maintenance can be difficult. We provide tower site surveys to help determine the best placement, tower type and height needed for your project.

When it’s time to start building, we can handle the job. Our experienced team has installed many types of towers across the state.

Need work done on your tower? Our experienced and certified climbers can handle tower maintenance issues such as equipment installation and removal, as well as FAA lighting repair and tower reinforcement.

Need tower services? Contact Platte Valley Communications- experts from the ground up.


Meet the Tower Climbers


Radio Technician/ Tower Climber

Aaron is our jack of all trades here at Platte Valley Communications.  He spends most of his time either working with two-way radios or climbing communications towers.  He also assists with our security department.  Fun Fact:  Aaron is a third generation Platte Valley employee and is also an ASE certified auto mechanic.


Driving results for our partners.

We’ve used Platte Valley Communications for our communication needs for over twenty years.  They have always been competitive in the bidding process and helpful in setting up our remodeled communication center.  If we ever have issues we know we can call them at any time and they will keep us running smoothly.

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department

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