Wireless Networking

Enjoy freedom while staying connected.

Platte Valley Communications offers wireless point-to-point installation, allowing you to extend your wireless network to secondary locations. Across the street or across the prairie to a facility 5 miles away, we can help with expert installation of affordable, reliable wireless networking links.

We can also help you set up outdoor mesh networks or indoor access points for buildings both large and small. Your team can unleash from their desks and wired devices while staying connected. Contact our professionals today to see how setting up a wireless network can help increase productivity and keep your business running smoothly.

Frustrated by poor cell signal issues? Dropped calls and poor connectivity can result in loss of productivity-costing you time and money. Cell signal boosters for buildings and vehicles from WilsonPro and Platte Valley Communications can help solve cell signal issues by providing you with solid, reliable connectivity. Contact our cell signal booster experts today.

Increase efficiency and flexibility with seamless connectivity provided by Platte Valley Communications.


Meet the administrators


Surveillance/ Wireless Network Specialist

Troy has been designing and installing camera systems all over Nebraska for Platte Valley Communications since he started back in 2012.  He is also an expert in network cabling and wireless internet system design.  Fun Fact: Troy is a Tesla aficionado and would love to own one someday.  He also loves to fish.



Surveillance/ Wireless Network Specialist

Randy is a very talented technician with over twenty years of experience with Platte Valley.  He installs and maintains our camera systems and assists with our intrusion alarms as well.  Cell signal repeaters are another avenue of his expertise.  Fun Fact: Randy and his family volunteer at the Grand Theater in Grand Island most weekends. his free time.


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